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With Angela Maione

Train alongside of Angela Maione in a small intimate setting.

Learn how a career in permanent makeup can elevate you to the next level.

You will be learning techniques that will give you a leg up on the competition, tips that will help you work on any skin type. And most importantly, the proper way to execute beautiful brows!

Class includes: latex practice, hands-on practice with a live model, color theory, brow design, brow mapping, contraindications, medical forms, before/after photography tips, and a full kit with wireless machine.

Financing available through CareCredit.

Angela Maione Beauty does not teach Microblading (brows created with a hand tool that cuts into the skin), but teaches Machine Brow methods. Machine Brows instead use a very fine tattoo needle to deposit pigment into the skin that gives a natural look.

I signed up for the powder brow course with Angela and was very hesitant to show up based on fear of the unknown and not being able to grasp the technique. The first minute in her studio I felt at ease with her meticulous space, her professionalism and positive vibe. Her work speaks volumes for who she is as an artist but not all people can teach. Angela was thorough, patient, hands on, hands off – (let us get to practice) and very systematic, there was no stone left unturned. She has offered her guidance before completing the course and after. She was encouraging yet pointed out corrections that needed to be made and jumped in to help, explain and guide. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could work on a live model but she didn’t give up getting me there. She didn’t allow me to say “I will just watch” she gave the confidence and pushed us through. The course was intimate, very hands on and extremely worth the investment. I am excited to get started with PMU and am so thankful that I chose to train under Angela Maione!!

Lauren A., former student

I’ve completed my 3 day Course at Angela Maione PMUTA @ B Beautiful Day Spa and I’m so happy I choose their school! The information and skills I’ve learned over these 3 days I know I wouldn’t have found anywhere else and I feel very confident. I’m so glad i did this and I can’t wait to start my new career, a big thank you to Angela & Bonnie!

Olivia, former student

Based on the 3 day training course I received at Angela Maione PMUTA @ B Beautiful Day , Angela and Bonnie we’re completely hands as well as the course on and informative with everything. I’ve learned hairstrokes, shaping, color theory, mapping and tons of other stuff!  By becoming a training junior artist you need to be taught by people that really truly want you to succeed and put their all into you make you want to practice and this class brought me that confidence. Thank you Bonnie & Angela I intend to start a great career with the gift you taught me !

Lauren, former student

“This testimonial is to say a HUGE Thank you to my mentor Angela Maione. From the first point of contact she was informative, reliable,& very knowledgeable , Angela helped guide me through the process to obtain my Tattoo license from teaching me theory, practical, color, health & safety, set up, contraindications, aftercare, pattern skills, but most importantly she was always at the end of the phone with the fastest response time helping me every step of the way to obtain my goal. She was encouraging, but firm in a good way and takes her profession of teaching very seriously. I would highly recommend her!!!”

Bonnie R, former student

I met Angela unexpectedly and instantly felt comfortable talking with her about my goals. After in depth conversations she agreed to work with me as her apprentice. Angela was honest, open and thorough with me from beginning to end of my training with her (which lasted about a year) She provided me with an impressive amount of information on all platforms; color theory, trade tools, safe/unsafe practices and health standards (she was extra firm on these lessons) and overall, was always communicating with me to make sure I absorbed what she felt was necessary to share. Angela was not only the perfect mentor but became a great friend, and if anyone is looking for the perfect blend of PMU Artist and educator: she is it!

Lindsay K, former student


Upcoming Class Dates

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Meet Your Instructor

Angela Maione

Angela comes from an extensive art background having studied at FIT and Paier College of Art. She segwayed into permanent makeup 4 years ago, starting with Microblading and working her way into more Advanced machine techniques.

She is one of the top rated permanent make up artists in New England and has trained with some of the absolute best in the industry including Amie Connors, Mary Ritcherson, Will Anthony, The Amazink Team for Areola Repigmentation, Teryn Darling and Julia Milin. She is regarded as one of the best areola repigmentation artists in the tristate area.

If you want to learn the Permanent Makeup the absolute proper way, Angela is the trainer to choose. She has a stellar reputation for service, technique and customer satisfaction. Angela is a trained and certified makeup artist Specializing in Bridal, airbrush and special effects.


  • Princess Brows Microblading Academy
  • Brow Design international with Julia Milin
  • Powder eyebrow technique with Amie Connors
  • Hair stroke eyebrow technique with Amie Connors
  • Advanced smoky eyeliner technique and powder brow training with Will Anthony
  • Areola re-pigmentation training with Amazink
  • Advanced winged eyeliner training with Amie Connors
  • LI-FT Pigment removal with Teryn darling
  • Color theory advanced training with Teryn Darling
  • Wings and wedges advanced eyeliner design training with Teryn Darling
  • Hair stroke training with Mary Ritcherson
  • Winged eyeliner design training with Andrea Toth


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