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Ready to learn about Permanent Makeup vs Microblading?

We are sure you have heard the term Microblading used over and over this year when referring to eyebrows. Over time I have learned that this is not the safest procedure for the skin, so I switched to Machine Hairstrokes. They deliver the same look as Microblading, but with less trauma and more longevity!  Ready to learn about the difference between Microblading and Permanent Hairstrokes? Let’s go!

Microblading VS Permanent Brows:

The eyebrow evolution continues. Microblading eyebrows was the hottest trend a year ago. Now there is something better! Permanent Hairstrokes!  Here’s everything you need to know about the new brow procedure taking the beauty world by storm. Also called eyebrow embroidery, feathering, or etching, Hairstrokes are a permanent makeup solution that differs from the eyebrow tattoos we saw in past years.

When etching the hairstrokes I uses a very fine tattoo needle to deposit pigment into the skin using the “hairstroke” technique. In other words: your brows won’t appear too dark or inky and the brows you have will seamlessly blend into your look to give you a natural appearance. This differs from Microblading because we are not cutting into the skin. When the eyebrows are Microbladed, a series of acupuncture needles is used to create cuts in the skin. Over time, this can lead to uneven results, scar tissue and damage to the skin.

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