Permanent Makeup

A $150 nonrefundable deposit is taken at the time of all PMU bookings. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required for Saturday appointments. All new eyeliner and areola procedures include a free 6 week touch-up appointment. Transgender clients welcome. Cosmetic Services are available to aid in transitioning.

Consultation – $25
Come in for a 30 minute consultation to discuss the look that is right for you. Price of the consultation will go towards the cost of the service.

Hairstroke Brows – $650
Define the eye with custom hairstroke eyebrows

Powder Brows
– $650
More of a makeup look that heals soft and powdery

Blended Brows
 – $750
The perfect combo of hairstrokes and shading

Permanent Brow 6 Week Touch Up  – $75
A touch-up 6 weeks after your Hairstroke or Powder Brow appointment if you would like to make adjustments. 

Annual Touch Up (Past Clients Only) – $350
Get those brows back in business with your annual

Permanent Lips – $700
The look of a soft gloss without the need to reapply!

Permanent Lips 6 Week Touch Up  – $75
A touch-up 6 weeks after your appointment if you would like to make adjustments. 

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement (Top Only) – $450
Enhance your eyes with beautiful definition that sits very close to the Lashes. Choose from Traditional or Stardust design.

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement (Top & Bottom) – $550
Define your eyes with top and bottom eyeliner. Heals very soft and natural.

Areola Repigmentation
– $500 (one) / $750 (two)
This service gives back the realism of the areola after surgery

Permanent Makeup Removal – $275 per session
Pigment Lightening using Li-FT. Consultation required

PLEASE READ: If you have previous permanent make up on any part of the face pictures will be required before the appointment is booked. Please do not just go online and book an appointment without sending photos first and getting a prior approval. I do not work over everything.