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Angela Maione featured on “Inspired by HERstory”


Today on Inspired by HERstory is Angela Maione. Angela Maione Beauty comes from an extensive art background having studied at FIT and Paier College of Art. ⁣

She segwayed into permanent makeup 4 years ago, starting with Microblading and working her way into more advanced machine techniques that include areola repigmentation. ⁣

During this episode, Angela talks more about: ⁣

1️⃣ How starting your own business can be very intimidating at first ⁣

2️⃣ Her journey from being a bank teller to a permanent makeup artist⁣

3️⃣And how important it is to be persistent when building your business⁣

Turn your sound on to listen to the intro here and click the link below to hear more about her journey 🎧🎙👉 

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Angela Maione Beauty featured in Episode 7 of Woodwinds Bridal Vlog

Here it is!!!!! So excited to finally be able to share this AMAZING video done by Woodwinds Bridal Venue

Thank you so much Vanessa and Ken… two are da bomb


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Vanessa and Ken venture out to Shelton, CT to meet up with @angelamaionebeauty for a fresh powder brow sesh!

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