Do I need to provide makeup?

The only thing I suggest is for the bridal party to bring a touch up product for their lips! Other than that, my kit provides everything you need for fool proof beauty.

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How do I choose my bridal look?

It is best to come with photos and inspiration ideas. I love making you feel beautiful, but it is also very important that you feel like the best version of YOURSELF as well.

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What are the benefits of airbrush?

There are many benefits to airbrush including it being transfer proof, the beautiful HD finish it creates and it’s longevity….perfect for dancing the night away!
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How do I reserve my wedding date for makeup?

We will together ensure that artist and client are a proper fit and then  a deposit is put down which is applied to your total the day of. A contract will  be signed to ensure no one else can take your date.

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Do I need a separate consultation before my appointment?

No, a separate appointment for consultation is usually not necessary. I always send out a list of preliminary questions to my prospective clients and if you answer those questions with the desired answers a consultation is not necessary. I will however always require a consultation if you have previous permanent make up done on the area you are inquiring about.

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Can I go out that day? Will I be red and or swollen?

You definitely can go out immediately after your permanent make up procedure. I usually tell my clients that they get as a red or swollen as they do when they get waxing for eyebrows, eyeliner can get a bit swollen because that tissue is very delicate and the lips can get a bit swollen as well. Most swelling goes down within 24 hours of the procedure.

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